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What's On Tap

Bring in your growler for beer, wine and nitro cold brew coffee fills!  We offer 64 oz, 32 oz and 16 oz growler fills as well as 32oz crowler fills!

Ardent Fig Gose - I love figs — the perfect compliment to a cheese plate or, as it turns out, the perfect compliment to a Gose. To brew Fig Gose, Ardent used a sour wheat beer base blended with fig concentrate, coriander and salt. The result is the perfect balance of light-body, tartness, a hint of sweetness and the signature dash of salt finish.

Fine Creek Dad Strength - A beer with this good of a name comes with a lot of expectations. Thankfully, this big and juicy DIPA rises to the occasion. It’s full to the brim with citrus notes (especially orange) and tropical goodness (hello, mango!) It’s definitely a heavyweight (8.5%) but it’s soft and easy to drink, and ends super smoothly. Like so many dads out there, it’s a gentle giant.

Benchtop Gong Water - It is always a good day when Benchtop is up on the growler line… We are blessed to have their Gong Water IPA flowing on the growler line. Gongwater is made with an experimental Norwegian yeast that ferments at 98 degrees. This final product is a clean beer that has note of tropical fruits such as pineapple and mango. Benchtop adds over 3 pounds of Citra druing dry hopping leaving it soft and fluffy.

Precarious Beer Project Above Market Value - First thing that comes to mind when tasting this IPA is holy moley there’s a lot of tropical fruits in this beer. Precarious’s newest beer from their “adulting” series is a real hit. Above Market Value is intensely hopped with massive character of mango, pineapple, orange zest and Meyer lemon. Don’t skip out on this NEIPA.

Smartmouth Chocolate Chip Cookie- What’ s better than a warm chocolate chip cookie? A nice pint of beer maybe?? Well what about the two combined! Smartmouth Brewery has put together your favorite childhood snack with your favorite adult beverage with their Cowcatcher Chocolate Chip Cookie milk stout. This easy drinking 5.5% stout has strong hits of chocolate and cookie sweetness. Cowcatcher Chocolate Chip Cookie will go perfectly with breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Pale Fire Lucille - The cold weather isn’t gone just yet, which is fantastic for us stout lovers! Lucille is a full-bodied oatmeal stout that goes down nice and smooth with a toasty, chocolate, and coffee flavor profile. It’s hard to ask for much more, come in and grab a crowler of Lucille while she is still here!

Isley Stay Mallow - Yep, go ahead and read right into that name — Stay Mallow is a brown ale with toasted marshmallows. It’s no secret that I have a love for Brown ales and I’m certainly not discriminating against a marshmallow either. Delicious and roasty with a medium body, Stay Mallow hits just the right balance of toast and sweetness. Consider it a bonfire marshmallow toasting win.

Blue Mountain Native Species- When Josh first started working at The Brew Shop he requested that we bring in a case of Blue Mountain Local Species. Local Species is sadly not around, but its sister beer — Native Species — has made its seasonal return. As a “hoppy Belgo-American ale,” Native Species is a beautifully perplexing combo of flavors — Belgian sweetness with banana and clove combines with delicate floral hops and a dry finish.

Fair Winds High Barbary - I feel like it’s been a little while since we’ve had a Fair Winds beer on tap and man am I happy to see them back. Fair Winds always makes such well built beers and the High Barbary displays that nicely. This Vienna Lager has a lovely German malt backbone and just a touch of spice coming from the European hops. A little touch of toasty biscuit and caramel sweetness give way to a clean finish in a way that makes you go ahhhh.

Wine on Tap (Yes, you read that right!)

Gotham Project Sabine Rose - Well the people have spoken!  You demanded it, and we will be rocking the Sabine all year long now!  Sabine is a classic French Rose with a beautiful floral scent.  Red berries, crisp acidity, and a dry finish make this an insanely crushable wine, for any season.

Gotham Pacific Standard Cabernet Sauvignon -  Back by popular demand! Gotham Pacific Standard Cab is a fruit forward beauty made of 100% Cabernet Sauvignon grapes from Lodi, Mendocino, and Sonoma. A nice dryness on the finish comes from the smooth tannins and the touch of oak. If you’re a fan of the Auspicion Cab bottles that you see us rolling through day in and day out, then you’ll be very happy with the Gotham Pacific Standard Cab - grab a growler and fill ‘er up!

Nitro Cold Brew Coffee

If you've never had nitro cold brew coffee, you are in for a treat!  Served cold without ice, nitro cold brew is creamy (just like a Guinness!) with a little natural sweetness.  Refreshing and perfect for your afternoon coffee fix. 

Alchemist Synthesis - The original Alchemist cold brew is back! So smooth and just slightly sweet on the finish, it’s nice and light and easy. The best part about Synthesis is that it smells like a warm cup of coffee, despite being a cold cup of coffee, in that blanket-on-a-cold-day kind of way. We’re so happy to have this back on our line! If you haven’t had this yet, you gotta try