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What's On Tap

Bring in your growler for beer, wine and nitro cold brew coffee fills!  We offer 64 oz, 32 oz and 16 oz growler fills as well as 32oz crowler fills!

Star Hill Roxanne - Summer where you at?!? Are you as anxious for summer as we are? — Well, close your eyes… Take a sip of this baby and you’ll be on a patio sittin’ and sippin’ sunny and 75. It may not be summer yet, but Star Hill’s “Roxanne” Raspberry Sour will have you feeling like it. At the least, this perfect patio beer will tie you over until then. An extremely low-hopped, kettle-soured wheat ale. Sweet and tart with raspberry puree and carbonation turned up, this is an effervescent and refreshing brew.

Kindred Spirits Frequency Modulation #003 - We’re excited to try the third edition of Kindred Spirits hazy IPA Frequency Modulation. Hopped with Citra and Simcoe, FM3 is rocking the haze game in the best of ways with tropical notes and just a touch of bitter on the end. The ratings for this FM3 keep shooting up each time they brew a new version — and with good reason.

Charles Towne Fermentory Pallet Rider - If you haven’t tried anything from Charles Towne Fermentory, you better add The Brew Shop to your plans. Pallet Rider is the latest Double IPA offering from Charles Towne Fermentory. Subtle notes of pine and spice pair seamlessly with hints of mango, cantaloupe, and grapefruit. Top this off with a soft dry finish and Pallet Rider put itself solidly in the running for your next favorite spring time beer.

Mad Fox Love is Love - Thanks, Mad Fox, for delivering a great beer that also sends a positive message. I’m into this brew’s name, and its reference (probably unintentional) to the LeeAnn Rimes song of the same name. This blood orange IPA is double dry hopped with Citra, giving it a very fresh tropical, citrus, and grapefruit profile. The sweet grapefruit is cut by the oranges, making a balanced, approachable, and refreshing beer.

Center of the Universe Bald Irishman - There is so much to love about this Irish Red from Center of the Universe. Most importantly, 10% of COTU’s proceeds from Bald Irishman go to the St. Baldrick’s foundation which provides life saving research for kids with cancer. Scratch you St. Patty’s itch AND save kids with cancer? Yes, I’ll take a dozen growlers. Good news, the brew is also delicious — made with five different malts, you’ll get the perfect combination of toast and caramel sweetness.

Atlas Silent Neighbor - It’s always a real treat to have a local stout back on the growler line. Made with generous portions of rye, blackstrap molasses, and caraway seed, It takes it’s namesake as an homage to the historic Mount Olive Cemetery located in D.C., this stout has a hearty richness shrouded in mystery. It opens with notes of rye, chocolate, and roasted barley blended with rich molasses and subtle fruity bitterness. This whole grain belly warmer is the perfect haunt for any season.

Devil’s Backbone Reilly’s Red - Top o’ da mornin to ya, this beer is what what the leprechauns are drinking at the end of the rainbow. With a medium body and mouthfeel, 20 IBUs, and 5.5% ABV, this beer is a perfect St. Patty’s day brew. It is a perfect compliment to all of the traditional St. Patty’s day foods, namely more beer!

Good River Fu Fighter- Everyone was Fu Fighter Drinking! This Denver based beer is the perfect spring time brew. Fu Fighter is a big bold Belgian strong Golden Ale that warms the soul. The Belgian yeast hides the 8.9% abv which is good cause you get that bang for your buck. In the words of Dave Grohl, “I’ve got another confession to make,” I like this beer!

Crooked Run Coast - I remember first tasting this beer at the Crooked Run taproom and immediately knowing we needed to get it for the growler line. Coast is a delicious Pilsner that feels like it’s brewed specifically for the most cerebral kind of craft beer lover. You can smell the pilsner malt right away - it almost smells like you just cracked a fresh bag of malt - and while the taste has a lovely graininess, the Motueka and Wakatu hops are a really great addition. The tropical feel from those New Zealand hops plays perfectly with a touch of malt sweetness to form a beer that toes the line just right between simplicity and complexity.

Wine on Tap (Yes, you read that right!)

Gotham Project Sabine Rose - Well the people have spoken!  You demanded it, and we will be rocking the Sabine all year long now!  Sabine is a classic French Rose with a beautiful floral scent.  Red berries, crisp acidity, and a dry finish make this an insanely crushable wine, for any season.

Gotham Pacific Standard Cabernet Sauvignon -  Back by popular demand! Gotham Pacific Standard Cab is a fruit forward beauty made of 100% Cabernet Sauvignon grapes from Lodi, Mendocino, and Sonoma. A nice dryness on the finish comes from the smooth tannins and the touch of oak. If you’re a fan of the Auspicion Cab bottles that you see us rolling through day in and day out, then you’ll be very happy with the Gotham Pacific Standard Cab - grab a growler and fill ‘er up!

Nitro Cold Brew Coffee

If you've never had nitro cold brew coffee, you are in for a treat!  Served cold without ice, nitro cold brew is creamy (just like a Guinness!) with a little natural sweetness.  Refreshing and perfect for your afternoon coffee fix. 

Alchemist Synthesis - The original Alchemist cold brew is back! So smooth and just slightly sweet on the finish, it’s nice and light and easy. The best part about Synthesis is that it smells like a warm cup of coffee, despite being a cold cup of coffee, in that blanket-on-a-cold-day kind of way. We’re so happy to have this back on our line! If you haven’t had this yet, you gotta