The Brew Shop

Drink proud. Love local. Brew well.


Craft Beer

We're your craft beer destination.  Look forward to stopping by the shop to pick up craft beer six packs, mixed singles, large formats and growler fills.


Party?!  Pick your favorite craft beer and we'll special order your keg.  See our keg page for more details.

Homebrew Supplies

We're homebrewers and we hope you are too.  Swing by the shop to pick up grains, hops and yeast as well as other homebrew staples.  

New to homebrewing?  Don't worry, we have starter sets with all the tools you'll need and custom kits to make your first stout, IPA, wheat or whatever will impress the ladies (or gents).

CO2 Exchanges

Kegerator owners!  We exchange 5 lb CO2 tanks.  If you're looking to purchase a tank, we also sell used, full 5 lb CO2 tanks.


We love beer, but we also love wine.   We're here to help you stock your parties and your pantries (because sometimes a Tuesday night requires a bottle of Cab or bubbly).  Stop by the shop to pick up a bottle of something to sip or toast!  

Locally Roasted Coffee

Because we're all about brewing and drinking, we also have locally roasted, sustainable prepackaged coffee to help perk you up the morning after.  We've got several different roasts from Vigilante, Rare Bird, and Commonwealth Joe to keep you perky.


You're drinking, right?  Need we say more?  Nothing like picking up a snack to go with that six pack.  We've got you covered with such goodies as local chips and salsa,  chocolate covered pretzels, nut mixes, and craft beer inspired jerky from local favorites Jerkface Jerky.