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What's On Tap

Bring in your growler for beer, wine and nitro cold brew coffee fills!  We offer 64 oz, 32 oz and 16 oz growler fills as well as 32oz crowler fills!

Beer on Tap

Collective Arts Ginger Lime Berliner Weisse Yes, this is Berliner Weisse is as amazing as you're imagining.  Sour fans, expect the perfect balance of subtle ginger spice paired with puckering lime.  Packed with lime juice, lime zest and fresh ginger, Collective Arts hits a home run (go Nats!) with their first ever Berliner Weisse.  

Adroit Theory Death of Civilization [vuvalini edition] - The latest in Adroit's Death of Civilization New England IPA series, the vuvalini edition is exactly what you've come to expect from this line of delicious brews.  The smell is like you just opened a fresh bag of hops (yum) and the taste is all that tropical goodness, a touch of resin, and a dry finish.

Magnify Hydration Station - Mmmm, mmmm, mmmm.  Clean, crisp, session IPA get in my belly.  An awesomely light bodied hop bomb from the Magnify gang up in NJ.  Hopped with Australian and New Zealand hops this one has great tropical notes but also a delightful bit of grassiness.  The finish is super clean, making this light bodied IPA perfect for summer.

Triple Crossing Citra Triangles-  What is there to say about Triple Crossing that has not been said already. This citra based IPA is brewed with Triple Crossing's house yeast strain. Citra Triangles is a 6% hazy IPA has tropical notes of guava, pungent peaches, oranges and nectarines. 

Foreign Objects Ritual Colors - How is this DIPA 8 percent?! It's so balanced and smooth, it's truly hard to believe how big this guy is. Peach, passion fruit, and lemon peel flavors are rounded out with resinous, floral, and lightly earthy and spicy undertones.  Just hints of vanilla and honey, with a touch of orange, are showcased at the clean finish. This is just a straight up delicious double IPA.

Ithaca Apricot Wheat - Now this is the definition of a great, summer beer! Fresh apricots bursting with flavor pair excellently with Ithaca's smooth wheat finish. The ultimate in easy drinking delicious-ness, the Apricot Wheat is definitely a crowd favorite. If you like fruity wheats, this one is for you!

Reaver Beach Riptide - A tribute to traditional German brewing, this unique altbier features a blend of pilsner and munich malts, balanced by noble hops.  Think rich caramel and toffee notes, tamed down by a gentle bitterness and crispness (it's actually very session-able, at just 5 percent!) Medium-bodied and easy on the palate, this is a very solid summer malty brew.

Precarious Time is a Thief -  As Precarious says, the kids from Full House are back and THEY have kids - damn, time is a thief (touchy subject given that I had a birthday last week...).  Well let time slip away with this delicious saison from Precarious Beer Project out of Williamsburg.   Floral and fruity with a dry finish, Time is a Thief was hopped using whole leaf Amarillo hops and locally grown Sorrel hops.

Vasen Mexican Lager - Back by popular demand -- I *may* have been the driving force behind this demand -- comes Vasen's incredible Mexican Lager. If you've yet to try a beer from Richmond-based Vasen, let me fill you in -- they are nailing the light styles time and time again.  Vasen's take on the traditional Mexican lager includes a hit of maize and lime with the classic light malty base.  Salud!

Wine on Tap (Yes, you read that right!)

Gotham Project Sabine Rose - It's back!  You demanded it, and we will be rocking the Sabine all summer long!  Sabine is a classic French Rose with a beautiful floral scent.  Red berries, crisp acidity, and a dry finish make this an insanely crushable wine, for any season

Gotham Pacific Standard Pinot Noir -  From the same crew that brought you the delicious cab sauv comes this incredibly easy-drinking pinot noir. From the Los Alamos vineyard in Santa Barbara’s rolling hills, this wine features traditional cherry and strawberry flavors, with soft, underlying notes of vanilla, courtesy of the oak barrels the wine is aged in. This pinot ends with a balanced tannin profile -- an ideal balance between fruit and crisp acidity.

Nitro Cold Brew Coffee

If you've never had nitro cold brew coffee, you are in for a treat!  Served cold without ice, nitro cold brew is creamy (just like a Guinness!) with a little natural sweetness.  Refreshing and perfect for your afternoon coffee fix. 

Alchemist Synthesis Nitro Cold Brew  -  Grown in Guatemala and roasted at Ceremony in Annapolis, Synthesis coffee beans are dark and rich with notes of cocoa, dried fruit and roasted nuts.  To create an exceptional nitro cold brew experience, the Synthesis beans are then brewed locally by Alchemist Coffee Company in Alexandria using a method that highlights the natural sugars of the beans (and avoids any nasty bitterness).