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What's On Tap

Bring in your growler for beer, wine and nitro cold brew coffee fills!  We offer 64 oz, 32 oz and 16 oz growler fills. 

Last updated 10/18/2017

Beer on Tap

Denizens Bocho Gose- We don't see a lot making its way to VA from Denizens, so we were very happy to see a sour beer come down!  The Bocho is a lime gose that has a good chunk of lime on it, sitting on top of a sour wheat base beer that's both tart and light.  The saltiness you always see in a gose is pretty subtle here and plays really well with the lime.  Overall, a great beer for the returning summer weather!

Reaver Beach Hoptopus - Hoptopus is one hell of a double IPA. Keeping to true to its name, Reaver Beach has wrapped its arms... err tentacles... around eight generous hop additions that propel this beer to 108 IBUs and lend it a beautifully complex flavor profile that includes hints of vanilla, mango, and and grapefruit.  This beer has malty body that perfectly balances its bready sweetness and a earth-like dryness.

Crooked Run Wayward IPA - A juuuuiice bomb of an IPA from Crooked Run that's just dang tasty.  This one is made with somenewMunich malt (a bit of a surprise, given how many NE style IPAs are made with mostly or all Pilsner malt!) and the oh-so-juicy New Zealand Rakau hops.  This one is hazy, hoppy, and fruity. 

J. Wakefield Hops 4 Teacher - The hops in this beer are for teacher, apparently. But hey, teacher! Leave those hops alone. Because I want some. An inviting orange color, this IPA comes in at 6%. A solid malt backbone compliments a well-balanced tropical and citrus hoppiness. An almost honey-like sweetness rounds out the finish on this beer. We might not need no education. But we do need beer.

Starr Hill Debut Imperial Stout -  Starr Hill's Debut series makes its return to our growler line!  Debut #14 is an Imperial Stout with pronounced coffee and chocolate flavors shining through.  Certainly a deep and dark beer, but it drinks easier than you think it will for being imperial - after that first sip you can easily settle into this one in a dangerous way.  

Vanish Zauberwald - Zauberwald translates to English from German as "haunted forest," which is entirely appropriate as Halloween looms foreboding like the monster under your bed. Pouring a hauntingly beautiful copper color, Zauberwald is sweet, malty, and refreshing. This beer starts out sweet with notes of caramel and lemon zest then turns the corner and surprises you like the twist in your favorite scary movie with hints of pepper and berries. If you're looking for the perfect October beer, make a tripthrough Vanish's haunted forest... if you dare O_o

Cigar City Good Gourd - Whoooooo boy is that a big tasting beer!  A delicious pile of pumpkin wrapped into an 8.8% beer, this is one of the most anticipated kegs to go onto the line for the season.  Great pumpkin spice and a wonderful burst of vanilla on the finish are complimented by the nicely built base beer.  A bit of caramel and some floral hops underneath make for a complex and well rounded imperial pumpkin beer.   

Atlas Rye Rye My Darling -  Oh, it's going to be 80 degrees again?  No problem - we've got Atlas's Rye Saison!  A light and yeast driven saison that at 4.9% lets the saison yeast shine through in a beautiful way.  Lots of funk and a little spice with a good ester sweetness on the front end and a dry finish on the back end.  A warm weather crusher to be sure.

Ocelot Sunnyside Dweller - Ocelot's unfiltered German style Pilsner is clean and bready, and just as easy as you want it to be.  There's a bit more going on here than you've maybe come to expect in your pilsners, and that might be why this beer won GABF Gold last year (!) and why it is always so popular on our growler line.  A bit of earthiness comes through in a great way, likely coming off the noble hops.  

Wine on Tap (Yes, you read that right!)

Gotham Elki Sauvignon Blanc - A refreshing Sauvignon Blanc from the Elqui Valley of Chile.  All the melon / tropical goodness you always love in your SB with a touch of that green pepper and brine you love in your Chilean wines. 

Gotham Project El Rede Malbec -  Nothing like a Malbec to bring on Fall!  Straight from the heart of Mendoza, Argentine and harvested from 90 year old vines, El Rede is old world meets new world -- dark chocolate and coffee notes meet ripe red fruits.  Talk about the ultimate crowd pleaser.

Nitro Cold Brew Coffee

Alchemist Coffee Company Antithesis - If you've never had nitro cold brew coffee, you are in for a treat!  Served cold without ice, nitro cold brew is creamy (just like a Guinness!) with a little natural sweetness.  Refreshing and perfect for your afternoon coffee fix.  We're pleased to start with serving Antithesis -- brewed by Alchemist Coffee Company out of Alexandria with beans roasted by Ceremony Coffee Roasters out of Annapolis.  Brewed using dry roasted coffee from Brazil, Antithesis has notes of dried fruit and toasted nut.