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What's On Tap

Bring in your growler for beer, wine and nitro cold brew coffee fills!  We offer 64 oz, 32 oz and 16 oz growler fills.

Beer on Tap

Collective Arts Basil & Cranberry Gose - Seeing as we're the Virginia launch site for Ontario-based Collective Arts, we gotta have one of their brews on the growler line. We went with their Basil and Cranberry Gose. Collective Arts took their base gose (spiked with pink Himalayan sea salt and coriander) and dosed it with basil and cranberries. The result is a bright red 4.7% ABV brew with a balance of tart and salt with a surprising amount of body.  The sharpness of the cranberry hits you right away, which then yields to a savory, anise-like note from the basil. For what it's worth, this paired very nicely with the peanut butter and honey sandwich I had for lunch.

Collective Arts Life in the Clouds - Collective Arts just hit the scene, and man are they making a first impression! Life in the clouds big, juicy, juicy, juicy, and juicy. It's also very juicy, in case I haven't mentioned it. Hopped up on generous additions of Simcoe and Mosaic, this finds a delicate balance between its citrus and pine notes. (My first description tried to incorporate song lyrics featuring the word "juicy"... turns out every single one of them are either the song "juicy" or straight up NSFW... thanks for nothing Three 6 Mafia 🙄)

Stone Buzzer Beater - Stone has gotten in on the Madness with this aptly named Buzzer Beater Double IPA.  They used a full roster (5 players) of hops for this one and it's classic Stone all the way through.  You've got Motueka, Citra, Mosaic, Helga, and Mandarina Bavaria to combine for great brightness and also that dank and piney yumminess that you know I want.  This guy sits at 9.4% abv so you get a little bit of booze on the finish, in a delightful way.

Crooked Run Katana- Just like the beloved cherry blossoms were a gift from Japan, Crookedn Run has gifted our taste buds with a cherry flavored double IPA. Crooked Run Katana is a hefty 8.5 double that pours a cherry red color with notes of Vanilla and is generously hopped with Citra.

Caboose Dutchess Porter - Let's keep the feel-good, malty, roasty St. Patrick's Day train rolling!  Tastes like brewed coffee and has a light sweetness, notes of chocolate, and a rich and bitter mouthfeel.  A little bit of nuttiness rounds it all out. At just 5.5%, this is a delightful March Madness sipper.

Crooked Run Java - If you know Crooked Run, then you probably know their IPAs and sours.  Well don't sleep on this brown!  Crooked Run made just about the smoothest brown you'll find and then popped in just the perfect amount of coffee.  It's not too sweet or too roasty, but is just damn smooth.

Solace/Ocelot Maibock Music - Maibock? Mai-god this is delicious! Maibocks or Helles Bocks as they are sometimes called are traditionally meant to bridge the gap between the hearty winter brews to the brighter summer fare-and this collaboration between Solace and Ocelot is no exception.  It pours a beautiful golden color, and coming in at 6.7% ABV, it packs a deceptive punch.  It drinks buttery and smooth, and has a slightly juicy and floral hoppy character. 

Troegs Scratch #317 Wit- AY YO DJ CUT DA BEAT (record scratches). This beer is anything but wiggity, wiggity, wiggity wack. Troegs introduces this Wit beer to our growler line. This 5.2% Belgian style Wit has a pop of pink peppercorn that is guaranteed to put some much needed spice in your life. Troegs Scratch #317 Wit is brewed with malted wheat and coriander, with orange peel, lemon peel and dried spices.

Ardent Commonwealth Man-  This collab brew comes from a recipe developed jointly between brewers at Ardent, here in Richmond, and Idle Hands, in Massachusetts.  A classic American Pilsner, there's a nice malt presence that gives you a pleasant biscuity feeling. It's topped off with noble hops that lend just a slight touch of spiciness and bitterness to this crusher of a beer.  A clear golden look would make this beer the perfect beer for that stein that's been sitting in the back of your cupboard since college.


Wine on Tap (Yes, you read that right!)


Gotham Project Sabine Rose - It's back!  You demanded it, and we grabbed the first keg of Sabine Rose that we could.  Who cares if it's January (it's 50 degrees anyway!) - Sabine is a classic French Rose with a beautiful floral scent.  Red berries, crisp acidity, and a dry finish make this an insanely crushable wine, for any season.

Gran Passione Rosso -  I’m a lover, not a fighter.  That’s why I can’t get enough of the Gran Passione Rosso — Italian for “great red passion” — a big, bold, yet delicate Venetian blend of 60% Merlot and 40% Corvina.  It’s rustic, rich, and bursting with dark fruits (think black cherry, raisin, plum). What else is cool about it?  It’s made using “appassimento,” an Italian technique for drying harvested grapes, usually on bamboo racks or mats, for several weeks to concentrate the sugars and flavors.  Perfect alongside grilled meats, pizza and pasta, or just on its own — you can’t say "no" to this early fall delight brimming with spices!

Nitro Cold Brew Coffee

If you've never had nitro cold brew coffee, you are in for a treat!  Served cold without ice, nitro cold brew is creamy (just like a Guinness!) with a little natural sweetness.  Refreshing and perfect for your afternoon coffee fix. 

Alchemist Synthesis Nitro Cold Brew  -  Grown in Guatemala and roasted at Ceremony in Annapolis, Synthesis coffee beans are dark and rich with notes of cocoa, dried fruit and roasted nuts.  To create an exceptional nitro cold brew experience, the Synthesis beans are then brewed locally by Alchemist Coffee Company in Alexandria using a method that highlights the natural sugars of the beans (and avoids any nasty bitterness).